Broken Egg – A Story of Hope

by Steve

In 2004, a team of Rotarians witnessed first hand the need of those we serve. Rotarians, Jim Justus, Diane Nesvig, Tom Thorfinnson and Mike McCullough were visiting the village of Te Kampeche in the Central Plateau of Haiti.The village had just received a well as part of our SafeWater Plus TRF Matching grant project. After attending a well dedication ceremony the Rotarians walked a short distance to a farm located on the edge of the village of Te Kampeche. The farm family that worked this farm was one of the poorest in Te Kampeche. The team of Rotarians was inspecting a new latrine constructed by the farmer with material donated to the farm family through SafeWater Plus.

After a short introduction the farmer went into his small farm house and came out with a gift. He held a jar that contained 3 eggs. Nervously, he opened the jar to take out the three eggs as a gift in thanks for our kindness. He fumbled the jar and the three eggs fell broken on the ground. The look in his eye was that of a man who had just suffered a major loss. He shook it off and went back into his house to find three more eggs to give to us as a gift.

As he handed us the eggs, his youngest child desperately tried to scrape the broken eggs up from the ground.

The people we serve appreciate our help and truly do have a very real need for our service. Thanks to all that have helped us serve those in need. The help is appreciated.

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